Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nokia X Android is the new Symbian?

Nokia has launched Android based smart phones, despite its partnership with Microsoft. It is a logical move, although people were still sceptical because after all Microsoft has stuck a deal to buy Nokia and the handset maker's devices should sport Windows Phone 8.

But then let's remember how Microsoft has been one of the largest software supplier for Apple computers, despite the epic silicon valley rivalry.

There will be three Nokia Android models to start with, the cheapest Nokia X which will rival Samsung Galaxy Y and Q-Mobile I think. Then Nokia X+ which will rival Samsung Galaxy Star, and finally Nokia XL which will compete with some models offered by Huawei etc.

 Bold, Confident, Colourful is what Nokia X like wants you to be, and I guess this is a rebirth of Asha platform with design guidelines from Lumia after dumping Symbian completely.


I strongly believe Android is going to replace Symbian on Nokia budget phones. Cheap phones are a big market for Nokia, in fact that's the only market segment feeding Nokia with some cash as the high end market is already swallowed by Samsung/HTC/Apple.


There is a special deal for Nokia X buyers, one month free Skype subscription. The terms and conditions of this deal are unclear but somehow there is a deal of some sort. I feel like this confusing deal will only confuse people because after all it's a confusing deal :)


Nokia even recommends which bluetooth headset you should use with Nokia X, so silly of Nokia marketers. They should know that Bluetooth headsets are soooooo out of fashion. Although Nokia BH-118 looks nice.

I'm not including the specifications of the phone in here, you may check those out at GSM Arena.
The price of Nokia X in Pakistan is also unknown for now, I will update it when its available.