Thursday, March 3, 2011

Next Generation iPad, Apple iPad 2

A Third Thinner, Twice faster CPU, 9 times Faster Graphics, Say Hello To the iPad 2

I love Steve Jobs, for the being the tech rebel and the creative revolutionary he is. I pray for his health and life from the depths of my heart, and whenever I see a video or an image of Steve or read anything related to his work I say "Long Live Steve Jobs". And I am so happy to know that he himself addressed the opening ceremony of Apple iPad 2.

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Apple iPad 2 is a device a third thinner than the original iPad (let's call it papa iPad), it has got one front facing camera and one back camera. iPad was 13.4 mm thin, iPad 2 is 8.8 mm thick. Surprising thing is that Apple iPad 2 is even thinner than the Apple iPhone 4.
Apple iPad 2 is not only thinner, its lighter as well. It weights only 1.3 pounds, where papa iPad was 1.5 pounds.

Apple iPad is powered by Apple A5 processor, which is a dual core processor. Apple A5 is a new chip designed by Apple's chip wizards, that means it will run twice as faster than papa iPad.
The Apple iPad 2 also contains a much much, much much much much much much much powerful graphics chipset, BTW that's 9 times faster.

Apple iPad 2 also contains a Gyroscope, which is a piece of engineering already found in iPhone and iPod touch. With this thing, the iPad 2 will be able to perform auto rotating of the content.
And just FYI, here are the stats related to sales of papa iPad...

15 Million iPods were sold in just 9 months... Therefore the revenue of Apple from iPad was $9.5 from iPad alone. And all the Motorolas and all the Samsungs couldn't do anything about it.
And hell yes, the iPad 2 will be running iOS 4.0. Which will most likely be updated sooner(I think in March or April 2011), with this I can pretty much guess what next generation of iPhone (iPhone 4GS?)will look like.
There is a value addition bundled in as well, there's this things called the SmartCover,

I know by the time you reached this point in the post, a question will be buzzing in your head "Will this thing be available in India/Pakistan?" Well I don't know the status in India, but for Pakistan our legendary PTA will do its best to delay the device and destroy it in containers while waiting for a decision of its fate. Same as they did with iPad Touch, by saying "Its a wifi enabled device, we can't let it come inside that easily" whereas all the new laptops on block are by default wifi enabled devices God damn it!!!

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I think this beauty will be available in Pakistan soon, and it will be priced somewhere between 50000 rupees  beyond.
I hope Apple iPad 2 in Pakistan will be available soon, and I hope the price of Apple iPad 2 will be reasonable, well who knows what happens :) although we don't see many iPad in Paksitan in fact Samsung Galaxy Tab was offered by a network provider I guess Mobilink or maybe UFone, but it didn't work out well.
I wonder when Samsung will come out with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 3, or maybe 4 cause most probably that would be capable of competing with Apple iPad 2. Although I got some doubts about HP's upcoming WebOS based tablet, because WebOS is eco system is supposed to bloom further because WebOS will be shipped on all HP machines by default in near future.

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